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Transferring Slides and Photos

Posted by Misha - Video Productions Services

Let’s face it, Photos and Slides are now a thing of the past, kept mainly for nostalgic purposes.  The fact is that they take up space in an attic or garage collecting dust and slowly deteriorating away.  These are all precious memories that shouldn’t be wasted!  A lot of the photos and slides we get are very precious for our customers, some of them even originated in the 1940s!

These go along great with any stored family film you may have as well, Film transferring is also a specialty of ours!  We can even put your film and your photos and slides onto a reel or video for you to show your whole family, or for a wedding video!  

It’s easy, just collect all your pictures and slides and take them to our office!  We have spent top dollar for state of the art equipment for Bulk Photo transferring services! We offer very competitive prices and a quick turnaround!  We recently finished a job of 1500+ slides and photos so no job is too big or too small!

All those slides and pictures fit comfortably onto one CD/DVD, so why not save space and the have these precious memories last longer!  We can even transfer photos and slides onto a Flashdrive or Hard Drive so that you can use Photoshop to create your own work of art.

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