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Corporate Video Production

Posted by Misha - Video Productions Services

Web Videos are important to marketing your company and adding traffic to your website. Huge corporations create web videos for their sites all the time when they need to promote an event. Advanced Media works with companies both big and small to promote their brand by providing video production services as well as post-production services. We can also post the video onto several social media sites to help spread the word about your company.

We recently completed a video production job for the vision company VSP. It was an exciting project where we shot interviews, testimonials and b-roll of a Dr. Oz sponsored event called ‘Care Now!’ that took place the the Sports Arena near USC. This was an amazing event that provided free health care to low income families who couldn’t even afford the most basic of health care programs. VSP hired us to shoot a web video to promote their services onto their website. This creates more Internet traffic and gets more page views for their website.

We provided professional Lighting, sound and camera equipment for them as well as a production crew that were more than happy with assisting the VSP team to get all the shots and content needed for their video. It was a joy to watch families, some of whom have never even gotten an eye check before, get the care that they deserved. CLICK HERE for more information on additional services that we provide.

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