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FedeX Packaging Tips 1

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FedEx Packaging Tips

Proper packing, sealing and labeling help ensure that your shipments will arrive on time and in good condition. FedEx provides you with the tips and tools you need to prepare your packages.


Smart Packaging Strategies

When it comes to distribution of your products, it pays to give your packaging a closer look. Proper packaging not only protects items while they are in transit, it also simplifies package preparation and handling, minimizes package weight and helps your goods arrive at their destination on time.  Different products have different packaging needs — from fragile items and perishables to mechanical parts and computers. If your products are fragile, we can recommend customized packaging solutions to help ensure that your shipments arrive intact. If your products are temperature-sensitive, we can help you determine a suitable packaging solution. When your products require special handling, we can offer recommendations.

Pack Like a Pro
We understand. You want to get your shipment safely to its destination in the same condition it was sent. You can do your part by reviewing our tips on how to pack and following our detailed packaging guidelines. Click here to download our packing guide.


FedEx Procedures for Testing Packaged Products

In a lab environment, our packaging testing team eliminates the guesswork by conducting package performance tests for your FedEx® shipments. For more information on the testing procedures, download our guides:

Packaged Products Weighing Up to 150 Lbs. (2.20 Mb PDF)
Packaged Products Weighing More Than 150 Lbs. (2.46 Mb PDF)


Apply for Package-Sample Testing

When you’re ready to submit package samples for testing, download and complete the FedEx Packaging Test Application (321 Kb PDF). Please note that federal, legal and regulatory requirements prevent us from returning certain commodities, including wine and alcohol shipments.


Apply for Package-Design Assistance

If you would like to request package-design assistance, download and complete the FedEx Packaging Design Application (82 Kb PDF). For detailed instructions about submitting your packaging for testing or design recommendations, you may also contact your FedEx account executive.


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