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The HDCAM-SR format and tape was introduced in 2003 by Sony, as we natural development to the revolutionary HDCAM format of that time, and as the answer to the once HD mastering standard Panasonic D5 format. The HDCAM-SR, or as some call it HD-SR or HDSR in short, has introduced many ground breaking technological innovations, such as: 4:4:4 RGB color space recording using dual-link HD-SDI, recording in high-quality mode of 880Mbit/second, stereo 3D recording, recording/playback/ingest at 2x mode, the introduction of 1080p60 and 1080p50, 4K data recording, 12 tracks of audio and many other incredible innovations. In fact, one can argue that the HDCAM-SR tape deck is one of the most upgradable, versatile and capable post-production standalone gear in the market. No other machine is capable of doing so much.

So one may wonder, why is it slowly going away?

While it is true that the usage of HD-SR, making HDCAM-SR clones, digitizing, laybacks, making HD conversions and dubs and other tape based services is a critical part of our overall operations, we are objectively a huge proponent of tape-based media.

Yes, file-based workflow and acquisition has its place, and we are constantly dealing with, and quite enjoying, the processes of handling files and media in post where tape is not required, there is a point where relying strictly on files is simply too shortsighted in our opinion.

Files get corrupt, drives break down, media gets lost, partitions being formatted, operating systems can be incompatible among so many other potential issues. Tape based workflow is simply foolproof. An HDCAM-SR tape will play and produce the exact same results in New York, Seoul, London and Buenos Aires. Just like going to McDonalds.

No matter what type of production you are involved at – backing up and delivering on tape is simply the smart thing to do.

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