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The Reasons Behind Preservation

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Advanced Media, much like many nationwide media companies, has been seeing an increased demand for personal film and videos preservation to digital media. Some of the obvious reasons are the obsoleteness of analog VCRs and the relative inconvenience for the average individual to screen 8mm film, as well as the extremely accessible various forms of digital media, be it computers, iPods, iPads and the internet.

We, as a media company, have invested a substantial amount of capital in the acquisition, testing and improvement of our fitting in order to be able to serve the growing demand from individuals, corporations and government entities alike. After completing large library projects for large organizations, such as the FBI, the UC educational system, various California state libraries and many others and being an approved government contractor, we have come to realize that beyond the obvious reasons that make our customers choose to convert, transfer, preserve, and restore the personal or intellectual content, history and memories, there are some more profound reasons at play.

Today, we live in what is called the “Information Age”, as well as “Digital Age”. We, as a society, are being accustomed to rapidly share personal and intellectual content, as well as monetize it to various degrees. Example in case is Facebook, which instrumental success is primarily based upon individuals need to share.

As time moves forward and technology becomes more and more ingrained in our daily life, our digital needs grow respectively. While in the not so long ago, we would typically store our VHS tapes on a shelf and watch them years later, today, they could be easily posted and broadcast to the entire world on free platforms like YouTube.

We are living at an age were sharing information can be done at the speed of light and for a relatively low cost. Today, it is becoming part of our identity and our need to preserve and share the past comes along with it.

Some can argue that we are becoming our own historians and documentarians. Perhaps in the near future, people would expect each other to have their own short biography on video, ready to view just a click away.

Thank you for considering Advanced Media is your primary choice of media services provider. It is always our pleasure.

Advanced Media.

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