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Media Transfer, Restoration & Preservation

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Advanced Media is dedicated to the critical process of preserving personal, proprietaryand commercial media. We believe that history is worth repeating. That is why we want yo to preserve it for lifetimes. We specialize in all media transfer, restoration, conversion, preservation and service all formats – new, old and obsolete. VHS, Film, DVD, Blu-ray, Broadcast Media, Photos, Internet, Digital Files, Audio, HD and more. Whatever your needs is – we got you covered!

2 responses to “Media Transfer, Restoration & Preservation”

  1. Brian McGuire says:

    I am interested in transferring some laserdiscs I own to digital files (ProRes or Uncompressed). Do you provide such a service or have an edit bay available to use for the transfer? If so, please get back to me at your convenience. Thank you.

    ~ Brian

    • Nimrod says:

      Hello Brian,

      We do provide Laser Disc transfer and can digitize to any file type, such as Pro Res (a compressed flavor) or Uncompressed (higher quality and larger file size).

      Please contact us at (323) 469 0707 for more information.

      Thank you

      Advanced Media

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