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Internet Video Marketing

We provide a complete service we call Internet Video Marketing. This service enables us to offer the best we can do and the best we can be. Internet Video Marketing essentially combines two powerful concepts:

  1. We live in the information age, where information must flow freely to your customer.If you cannot be found, then, your competitor will be.
  2. People live vicariously through the words of others. You are nobody until someone tells them how good you are.

By utilizing a custom-made combination of short videos optimized for the web, search engines and various online listings, we can help make your business truly stand out from the crowd.

Internet Video Marketing enables us to bring the best of all worlds together:

  • Marketing
  • Production
  • Editorial
  • Internet technology

Please tell me more. What types of videos can you make?

Here is a partial list of the type of videos we offer:

  • Overall company view with presentation, testimonial and product/service sampling
  • “ Forced-continuity” series of educational or informational videos, designed to keep your customer retention, and your company brand alive
  • Testimonial videos
  • “ How-to” videos that work to get your customer interested and more likely to choose you over the competitor

Where can these videos be posted or seen?

There are many ways to share these videos with your customers:

  • Your website
  • Other content sharing sites, like You Tube, Flickr, Vimeo and others. Your content can be “ syndicated,” meaning that if done well and users find it to be informative, it could be posted on relevant sites by various users, and can help gain exposure for your company.
  • Online articles, user groups and other community resources sites• Via emails or login accounts
  • DVD and other tangible media
  • Your physical location as digital sign-age and trade shows

Will that be broadcast quality?

We like these type of questions, because we know we are dealing with a pro who has a vision, who believes that one day his business deserves to be advertised on TV.Everything that we do here meets international and domestic broadcast requirements and the quality is preserved to the last detail. At the end of every project, you, the client, will be presented with the entire media package that we have shot and created for future use.Your media will be in full HD quality. If you read our other pages, you would know that we specialize in broadcast post-production and production for the film & TV industries.

Tell me about the benefits.

Just like (and perhaps even more so) TV advertising, there is nothing better than telling a story as a visual medium. In today’ s fast moving Internet and technology age, not using the tools available is a mistake that could prove to be very costly, because if you don’ t, your competitors will.

Here are some of the benefits:

  • Biggest bang for your buck – compared to the entire cost of production and “ going live,” you get to show your customers exactly why they should be using you, while keeping your costs low, especially considering what it would cost if you were on TV.
  • Being live “ on-air” 24/7. Make contacts and gain exposure even as you sleep. You can’ t get that with any other platform.
  • Custom-made video presentations. Easy to edit and modify. Easy to add new products, services, testimonials etc…• Creative and technical support from us

What about the costs?

We created this service with the goal of being affordable to any company out there, large or small. The internet play field is much more leveled, unlike TV, billboards, magazine stand other traditional media, and we want to enable any business out there to excel, standout and make it. A very basic video with basic implementation on company site could be done for less than $1,000. We also have on-going various promotions, where you could qualify for different discounts. Contact us to inquire.

What if I am a minority owned business?

We do have a special initiative for minority and female owned businesses, offering reduced rates. Contact us to inquire.

We are a non-profit. What can you do for us?

We do have a policy of helping select non-profits for cost of production only. You must provide proof that you are a non-profit, and we have to be aligned with your cause and mission. We have provided free to cost-only services for various non-profits, and may ask for some form of endorsement or acknowledgment in return.

Well, let me think about it…

That’ s fine with us. But instead, send us an email and inquire about what we can do for you. Tell us about your business and what your challenges are. It’ s fast, free and you can make a decision at your leisure.

I ’m ready. What do I do?

Simple. Please contact us either by phone or via email (preferred initially) and tell us about your company, location, competition, advantages, disadvantages, a list of topics you can share with your customers in a non trade-secret way and perhaps a list of current customers who would be willing to give a rave review about your business.

Please keep in mind, that for the initial phase, it is essential to not disclose any information that you deem to be of unique value, be it financial, trade secrets, vendors,suppliers, or trade contacts.
We will get back to you and be happy to discuss how we can be of benefit to your company.