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Advanced Media – Behind the Scenes

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Most of our customers do not know that Advanced Media is quite a diverse media company, with various divisions and operations. Despite our relative small size, we manage to be a contribution to many individuals and companies alike.


In these group of “behind the scenes” blogs, we would like to take you on a tour to learn more about what we do and how we can be of help to you in other ways that may benefit your needs. Even if you are simply curious, read on.


Since the owners of Advanced Media are film professionals who come from various aspects of the film industry, it was important for us from the beginning to have a broad reach and global appeal, and to be able to support each division with the help of our other divisions.


Advanced Media is a company that services many different types of customers and clients – private individuals, government agencies, education institutions, large and small corporations, non-profits and international companies. Advanced Media is focused on providing the following groups of services


Media Preservation


This category includes VHS and all analog, optical, paper and tape media transfer, preservation, restoration, archival and management into DVDs , magnetic and other digital media.


Media Duplication & Distribution


This category includes media duplication, sharing and distribution for DVDs, Blu-ray, USB drives and files. We provide these services primarily for customers that rely on such usage for livelihood and for promotional and commercial gain.


Video Production


Advanced Media provides diverse video production services for a wide range of customers and clients


Editorial Services


We specialize and provide editorial services for customers and clients who rely on complete video and media editorial deliveries for their promotional and commercial livelihood. We provide diverse editorial services from infomercial and corporate, to promos and EPKs, to sizzle and demo reel and for sports TV.


In conjunction to Advanced Media, you will also find the other divisions:


HD Creative Services


A boutique type motion picture post-production company, providing professional and technical services to films such as The Expendables and Rambo.


Vortex DI


The finishing and color-grading component, which is focused on providing high-end finishing services for theatrical motion pictures – the kind of films you end up seeing in the movie theaters.




The marketing ingredient, which is focused on production and editorial of motion picture and non motion picture type shows, such as Playing the Field with Gerard Butler, The Paperboy with Nicole Kidman and Solitary Man with Michael Douglas.


Overall, as a company, we believe in being diverse in the media arena, which enables us to enhance and improve every single service we provide to our customers.


Please contact us to learn how we can help with your Media Needs.


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