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Film & TV Production

Advanced Media now has our own Production Department!  It’s one of our goals to be your one-stop-shop for all your production and post-production needs!

Some recent projects include behind-the-scenes and production work on films such as Stone with Robert De Niro and Edward Norton, as well as Labor Pains with Lindsay Lohan.

We also have some smaller projects including:  A Web Video for the a Vision care company (VSP), Demo Reel shoots for local actors, and providing a cameraman and DP for several events around the Los Angeles area!

Click HERE to see a portfolio of our work.

Through HD Creative Services, an Advanced Media owned company, we offer a wide range of production services for the film & TV industry.

1 to 5-camera production
Studio production
Sports production
Promos, EPKs and behind-the-scenes
Short-form projects

Through our sister company, HD Creative Services, who specializes in serving the motion picture industry, we are capable of offering:

Complete and professional union and non-union crews
Complete production gear – cameras, lights, sound
Studios and filming locations
Logistics, preps, permits, insurance
Complete post-production services

We have a lot of experience in production with the various jobs we have completed.   While gaining extensive knowledge on sets, working with big name directors and top talent, we have always kept busy doing small productions too. We recently completed a 20-week production for the Lingerie Football League, shooting all over the country with 5 camera crews and parabolic mics, extensive green screen work, and a complete post package that went on air weekly worldwide and at MTV network.

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