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Advanced Media has been producing content and shows for various motion picture and TV producers and clients. We are an integral part of the film & TV industry, with high-quality production equipment and complete post-production facilities, highly trained creative and technical crew, a well-versed core-operations and logistics team and deep-level knowledge management. Creating contect is our passion.

Recent projects include “The Mechanic” (Jason Statham), “Stone” (Robert DeNiro, Ed Norton), “The Runaways” (Kirsten Stewart, Dakota Fanning), “Labor Pains” (Lindsey Lohan) and “The Lingerie Football League” on MTV2.
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In this day and age, with so many media outlets online and offline, it is becoming more and more critical to not only stand out, but be able to connect with your target audience and reach out to new ones.

Advanced Media has been focusing on working with select companies, and sometimes individuals, to create creatie, unique and compelling video marketing pieces as an ongoing marketing and promotional strategy.

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No matter how large or small, our team of professional camera crew, high-quality broadcast-level equipment, knowledgeable post-production and media staff and our logistics team are ready to make it a success

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We provide equipment rentals for various purposes, including professional broadcast cameras, support equipment, plasma TVs, projectors and A/V gear.

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