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Media Transfer


Media Transfer & Preservation. Satisfaction Guaranteed!

U.S. fact:

90 percent of all American silent films and 50 percent of American sound films made before 1950 have been lost.

We estimate that unless addressed accordingly, many family films, home videos and even historic libraries can simply disappear never to be found again. Our goal is to prevent it.

Advanced Media has transferred, converted and preserved media for thousands of satisfied customers and corporations alike. At Advanced Media we take media transfer seriously. Because the last thing we want is grandma to be upset.

Quality. We provide high-end broadcast level service to the motion picture and TV industry, and extend that level to you.

Service. We are a community focused, local and specialized professional media company, and our service is very personal.

Value. Your tape & film assets are unique and invaluable. If your family history is important to you, you should consider us.

What type of media services do we offer?

• VHS, Hi-8, BetaMax, MiniDV, U-matic, Digital Beta and all other tape formats to DVD and Blu-ray

• Digitizing of any possible source into any type of files and applications – iPhone, iPad, YouTube, MPEG2, H.264, WMV, AVI, QuickTime, Uncompressed, ProRes

• 8mm, 16mm, 35mm Film transfer to DVD, digital tape and file

• Audio source to CD & File – Vinyl, DAT, Cassettes

• DVD extraction to digital files

Tape overview:

Analog VHS tapes degrade over time. Once a tape has degraded – it cannot be restored. VHS tape noted shelf life is about 10-20 years, if stored properly. It is advisable to store away from heat and direct light.

Today, VHS machines are quickly disappearing from stores. Only a handful of manufacturers still make them. As home VHS machines break, they are usually thrown out. A few years from now, a VHS player may not be easy to find.

Why should you choose us? Basically, you have four options when it comes to video restoration.

  1. High-end media companies – while having the professional gear to give you top-end results, and since the average transfer job is so small, it is more of a headache for them and therefore they charge top dollars for the transfer.
  2. Retailers – they may charge lower rates, but go on volume. There is no care or time for personalized service.
  3. Small & non-local outfits – VHS & film transfer have very little profit margin. Many small companies that offer this as their main service, often use low-end equipment, charge too much money, and again – go for strictly for volume.
  4. DIY – do it yourself is cost-effective if you have volume, however, you are not guaranteed to get good results or high-quality image retention.

What sets us apart is that we offer high-end equipment, personal, local and friendly service, are priced competitively, and guarantee compatibility and results

We service all tape formats – VHS, S-VHS, VHC-C, VHS-D, Digital S, Beta, BetaMax, Betacam, Betacam SP, Betacam SX, Video 8, Hi-8, Digital 8, Laser Disc, Umatic, 3/4, 1-inch (1″), DV, MiniDV, DVC, DVCPro, HDV, DAT, Vinyl (records), Audio Cassettes, DAT, DA88, DVD-5, DVD-9, DVD-10, HD-DVD, Blu-ray, Digital Betacam, HDCAM, D5, HDCAM-SR.

We work with all standards – NTSC, PAL, SECAM, HD 720, HD 1080.

When it’s time for you to preserve your precious family and personal history – give us a call.

Film overview:

Film, just like VHS and other tape formats, has a limited shelf life. It is critical to store your film properly and avoid exposure to humidity, heat, extreme temperature fluctuations, direct sunlight and dust.

Film, like VHS, is moving quickly out of fashion. With the advent of digital technology, fewer film transfer and display mechanisms will be available as time passes. Consider for a moment the almost complete disappearance of photographic film from photography shops – or the disappearance of these shops altogether.

The combination of limited life span and the disappearance of film will make it more difficult and less productive in the foreseeable future to preserve your family and personal invaluable history.

When transferring film you need to consider the following:

  1. Pre-processing
  2. Transfer method
  3. Transfer media (format)

1) Pre-processing: It is crucial to treat film properly. We clean the film thoroughly and run it through a process known in the motion picture industry as “wetgate”. This is a chemical process that conceals some of the hard and prominent scratches, and which leads to a more pleasant viewing experience.

2) Transfer method: Just like in any area of life – you get what you pay for. The transfer of film to video or digital formats is called telecine or scan. We use a high-end machine by Rank Cintel, which is the leader in motion picture film transfer. We also have a deal with a company that does 2K/4K film scanning and can offer that service at below market rate. Whatever you choose, do not go with the low-end “telecine” boxes sold on the Internet, or with a low-end shop – they are simply unable to transfer and deliver the full quality, colors and resolution of your film.

3) Transfer media (format): The format you choose to transfer to is crucial to your overall preservation and sharing experience. We offer transferring to MiniDV and DVD simultaneously for most of our customers. Some customers also ask for digital files delivery. More advanced customers choose Digital Betacam, which is a professional broadcast tape format with superior archiving attributes. Very advanced customers require 2K file scans. This is a slower and more expensive process, and is generally suitable for 35mm film, and yields amazing picture and quality.

We offer most film transfer formats: 8mm, 16mm, Super 16mm (S16), 35mm, Super 35mm (S35), 4-perf, 3-perf, 2-perf, black & white, internegative (IN), interpositive (IP), negative, contact (positive), answer print, release print, as well as Lenticular Kodacolor.

We also offer reel sound services transfer and restoration: 35mm & 16mm magnetic sound, 1/2″ & 1/4″ magnetic and optical track negative.

Give us a call to discuss the best transfer method for your needs and purposes. We are here to ensure that your history and legacy is preserved.