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DVD & CD Replication & Duplication

DVD & CD Duplication is for 1-999 units, and is generally for personal or promotional use.

DVD-5 (single layer), DVD-9 (single-side, dual-layer) & DVD-10 (dual-side, dual-layer)

You can choose from standard INK JET print on matte or glossy surface, to durable and destruction-proof THERMAL print.

We check each and every disc to ensure its integrity and functionality.

Don’t just take our word for it. Try us for yourself.

To make sure that the copies look as good as they sound, it is vital for you to choose one of the most reputable duplication companies or DVD duplicators.

Here at Advanced Media, we provide you with outstanding quality. We are a reputable DVD/CD duplication company and make use of incredibly high-grade equipments to provide their clients with unbeatable quality. We use high quality discs, made by JVC Tayio-Yuden, with 99.99% reliability rate, for better picture clarity and better sound.

Professional DVD duplication companies or DVD duplicators can be the best bet while facing time constraints. DVD duplication or CD duplication is a laborious and time consuming process. Each DVD can take several minutes to copy. When you are copying just three or four copies for your family or friends, the task might not seem like a very big deal. But, if you require five hundred or perhaps one thousand copies for business or music promotion, it can take up to a few weeks to complete the whole job. For professional DVD/CD duplicators, such assignments are routine.

We have the right kind of equipment and skills with which we can have one thousand DVD’s copied within just a few days. We offer quality duplication services at affordable prices. Choosing Advanced Media for your DVD & CD duplication needs allows you to save lots of time, money and effort. And, you get a complete set of solutions under a single roof.

We have a trained and efficient staff to provide you with a quality product in a timely manner. By choosing us for the copying and printing of your DVD’s, the time, effort and money that you save can be utilized in other errands for your business or your busy everyday life.

Join thousands of satisfied customers and clients, from private individuals, to corporations, institutions and government agencies. We are an authorized government contractor and can perform any DVD & CD duplication job with the highest possible results.