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Blu-Ray Services

The revolution is here!

Blu-ray, the newest optical media that is rapidly replacing DVD and is capable of displaying content at stunning and un-compromised High Definition resolution, has reached over 17% US market penetration by the end of 2010. That means nearly one in five US homes own a Blu-ray player.

It is estimated that by the year 2017, Blu-ray will reach a 74% market penetration. In other words, the rapid adoption of Blu-ray into the consumer arena means that DVD is rapidly fading away.

Whether you are a repeat and loyal Advanced Media consumer, whether you are a prospect interested in getting a job done and shopping around, or whether you are simply looking to gain new knowledge, please consider this:

For your next media conversion, transfer, archiving or re-purposing job, you may want to consider the benefits of going Blu-ray.


Tell me about Blu-ray.

• Improved Capacity
• High-Definition Video
• Enhanced Interactivity
• Enhanced Copy Protection
• Future Proof

The most obvious benefit is the larger capacity. With 25gb/50gb to use, vs. the standard 4.7gb of a DVD, Blu-ray simply offers better picture quality and has the ability to hold far more content on one single disc.

High-definition video is both mainstream and widely expected by many people. Moreover, most new digital and video cameras offer picture quality matching HD and higher. These qualities would be lost on a standard DVD. Blu-ray is a fantastic storage media for HD content, and is very safe and durable, bypassing the need to buy expensive hard disks.

Blu-ray offers exciting new levels of user and web interactivity. With Blu-ray, you can add exciting features to your content and have it easily interact and integrate with the Internet.

For those who care about copyright protection, Blu-ray utilizes a variety of copy protection methods such as Digital Rights Management (DRM) and other sophisticated built-in protection mechanisms. Another “non-sophisticated” protection benefit is the fact that while it is relatively easy for the average user to copy DVDs, it generally requires far more sophistication and advanced equipment to successfully crack and copy Blu-ray discs.

Finally, the Blu-ray disc has been designed to be future proof. This means that by buying all the new equipment needed, you will not need an upgrade in the near future as the next-generation formats evolve. The shear investment size that went and still goes into the development of the format by many leading technology and electronics companies helps to ensure the fact that Blu-ray is here to stay for generations to come.

Today, many personal and laptop computers, as well as entertainment centers are equipped with Blu-ray readers and players. Blu-ray is no longer the technology of tomorrow. It is the technology of today.

Will Blu-ray replace DVDs?

Yes, that is the expectation. The Blu-ray format has received broad support from the major movie studios as a successor to today’s DVD format. In fact, all eight major movie studios (Disney, Fox, Warner, Paramount, Sony, Lions Gate, Universal and MGM) have released titles in the Blu-ray format. Everywhere you go, it is quite apparent that the selection of Blu-ray titles and content is rapidly increasing, while the selection of traditional DVD content is slowly declining. However, it is safe to say that the two formats (Blu-ray and DVD) will most likely co-exist for quite some time until HDTV’s become more widespread and DVD will be discontinued.

I’m still not convinced. Why should I upgrade from DVD to Blu-ray?

The simple answer is HDTV. If you’ve ever seen high-definition (HD) video on an HDTV, then you know just how incredibly sharp the picture is and how vivid the colors are. In fact, HD offers 5-10 times the amount of detail compared to standard-definition (SD). The problem with today’s DVDs is that they only support SD and don’t have the necessary storage capacity to satisfy the needs of HD. This is where Blu-ray comes in. It offers up to 50GB of storage capacity and enables playback, recording and rewriting of HD in all of the HD resolutions including 1080p. The format also supports high-definition audio formats and loss less audio.

In addition to the greater video and audio quality, the extra storage capacity also means there will be plenty of room for additional content and special features. This combined with the interactivity layer, which brings the menus, graphics and special features to a whole new level. The advanced interactivity combined with the networking features of Blu-ray will also allow content producers to support new innovative features such as downloading extras, updating content via the web, and watching live broadcasts of special events.

Thanks to the greatly enhanced HD video and audio quality as well as the advanced interactivity and networking features, Blu-ray represents a huge leap forward in the DVD viewing experience and will offer consumers an unprecedented HD experience.

Blu-ray gives your data more room to grow. With more than five to ten times the amount of storage of a DVD, Blu-ray is especially convenient for archival purposes. By putting more data on each disc, you also save extra physical space, creating less clutter.

HD home entertainment is the way to go. Gone are the days of bulky big box TVs ruling your living room. High definition is nearly standard in the U.S.; according to Home Media Magazine, last year revealed more than one third to almost half of all American households have a high def television. This rate is only growing. Blu-ray optimizes the picture quality that HDTV can provide.

The price of a player is now reasonable. No longer is a Blu-ray player an expensive niche product. You can find online deals for devices as low as $70. Even name brand players with Internet capabilities are as low as $130.

Overall, Blu-ray’s growing popularity forecasts better prices and a wider selection of products and services.

And lastly, since we at Advanced Media believe that your history is valuable and that “history is worth repeating,” we definitely believe that history is worth repeating in HD!

Considering all these reasons, why not treat yourself to a Blu-ray upgrade?