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Our Projects

Upcoming Projects for 2012

We have various new projects here at Advanced Media which will see 2012 as our biggest and most ambitious year yet! Our Video Production Services has some exciting new projects in the works! Our sister company, HD Creative Services, is continuing to do post-production services for MTV’s Lingerie Football League. And starting this year, we are proud to announce that we are sponsoring Film Independent for many of their amazing events that they are hosting and organizing this year.


Advanced Media

We are working with the fine people at Groupon to create a super deal for Tape to DVD Transfers! Groupon is an amazing site where you can find amazing 1-3 day deals for restaurants, unique services and fun social events! This Advanced Media Groupon Deal will focus primarily on our Tape to DVD Services! This includes: VHS, Beta, BetaSp, MiniDV, and many more. Stay tuned on how you can get in on this super deal!

Video Production Services.

We just wrapped on a video production shot in studio city for an actor’s demo reel! Currently we are producing a Teaser Pilot for 2 actresses living in Beverly Hills and we are shooting this week. We are starting to focus on Web Series and we are developing a Corporate Web Video to be shot in the beautiful city of San Diego. The projects are getting bigger and so our crew and experience continues to grow as well! We’re very excited about the future projects that we have in store for Video Production.

HD Creative Services
We recently finished a subtitling job for a full length Japanese Animated Feature called “Chocolate Underground”! Not only do we provide PAL to NTSC transfers but we can add subtitles and captions to foreign features as well! And of course we are continuing our relationship with MTV by providing them post-production services for the Lingerie Football League.


Advanced Media Productions

Advanced Media has increased it’s focus on providing professional video production services in Los Angeles. Right of the Bat, we are doing some Demo Reel Reshoots for a few actors in Studio City. In development are web videos for a health company and a promotional video for a local MMA Fighting gym! We really stepped up our game for production and know we’ll have some exciting clips to show you early into the new year! We recently wrapped on a Video for the Vision Health company,VSP, in which we interviewed customers and workers for an event in Los Angeles that was hosted by Dr. Oz himself called “Care Now”.

HD Creative Services

HD Creative Services is continuing it’s partnership with MTV in providing post-production services for the Lingerie Football League! We travel across the USA to make sure you experience the blood, sweat, and tears that these ladies go through every game! We are also working on captions and subtitling Media Kits for Hollywood hits such as: Alvin and the Chipmunks: Chipwrecked, Shame, and The Decedents.

Partnership with Film Independent

We are proud to announce that we are supporting and sponsoring the amazing Non-profit Film Organization “Film Independent” for many of their events this year. This is the group that organizes the Spirt Awards as well as The Los Angeles Film Festival. We are providing video equipment for their events as well as in talks to hold a “Tech Talk”, in which we talk to local film makers and give them advice on the industry and the experiences we have had working in Hollywood.

Those are the projects we have for January! 2012 is going to be our biggest year yet! Stay Tuned for more Projects that we have lined up!